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Light Duty Casters

Light duty applications, where the total load ranges from 100 to 400 pounds, are some of the most common uses for casters.

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Medium Duty Casters

For equipment in the 500 to 2000 pound range, where precise operation is required medium duty casters fill the bill.

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Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy duty casters shine in those areas with multi-ton loads, high shock and impact stress, and severe operating conditions.

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There is no substitute for experience.

Since 1885, Pfeifer Corporation has been dedicated to serving the mobility and material handling needs of American industry and the public.

This unparalleled depth of knowledge, along with our extensive network of contacts throughout the caster manufacturing field, allows us to provide you with a winning combination of price, service and quality, tailored to match your precise requirements.

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Proudly Manufacturing in Gurnee, IL

U.S. Manufacturers of Quality Casters since 1873 Proudly Manufacturing in Gurnee, IL


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