Caster & Wheels

Light Duty

Light duty applications, where the total load ranges from 100 to 400 pounds, are some of the most common uses for casters. Mail carts, storage bins, file cabinets and the like all fall into this category. Wheel sizes range from to 2″ to 5″ with cushion rubber being the material of choice for smooth quiet operation. Hard rubber is used for higher load capacities; and polyurethane offers the best of both worlds.

Attaching systems include mounting plates, threaded stems, socket and stem arrangements, and expanding stems for tubular legs.

Medium Duty

For equipment in the 500 to the 2000 pound range, where precise operation is required, medium duty casters fill the bill. Store fixtures, warehouse carts, heavy appliances and the like can be maneuvered with ease with these items. We can help you choose from a wide range of wheel types and attaching methods to find the ideal caster for your needs.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty casters shine in those areas with multi-ton loads, high shock and impact stress, and sever operating conditions. Boat yards, gantries, construction sites and aircraft ground support are some of the areas you will find these behemoths making extreme jobs simple.


When choosing a furniture caster, consider the rolling surface. Use a cushion, resilient material such as rubber or urethane on hard surfaces (wood, tile, etc.) and a hard material such as metal or plastic on carpeting. If the piece is to transition between both types of surface, use the resilient tread to avoid damage to the floor.

Furniture casters are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from retro to contemporary to the purely functional. We can help you find the best one to suit your application and complement your decor.

Flore Protection Products


Casters aren’t always the answer. That’s where our line of Floor Protection Products come in. Slide glides and felt pads can provide a limited degree of mobility while protecting the finish of floors and other surfaces. Rubber and plastic leg tips can also offer movement when you want it and protection where you need it. Dining room chairs and other furniture can move smoothly and quietly while avoiding scuffing when using these items.